Orange Beach, Alabama

I’m writing this post as I’m sitting on the 8th floor balcony overlooking the beach at Orange Beach, Alabama.
This is the 2nd trip husband & I have made with our daughters & granddaughter.
Sarah is relaxing by the pool below me, Rosemary is reading a magazine,
husband is napping on the couch & little Eden is taking her much needed nap in her pack & play.
We spent the morning swimming in the pool
& then later trying to convince Eden that being in the ocean was fun.
She thinks otherwise.
We think it’s the noise & the moving sand. But it may just be that the kid is not an ocean person.
That’s ok. I’m really not either.
It took years for my husband to understand that just because I’m in the shade or on the balcony dosen’t mean I’m not enjoying myself. And if I’m sitting under an umbrella with a drink in my hand &
a bowl of guacamole & chips close by, I love the ocean like crazy!
Eden may not love the ocean waves but she certainly loves the pool & the beach.
So I played with her & took pictures all morning.
Spending time with my granddaughter is such a treasure.
And that’s worth more than all the gold on the ocean floor!